Annual Adminstrative Support Staff Conference

The Annual Conference for Clerical Administrative Support Staff is an event designed to create a time for professional development and networking geared specifically to this specialized segment of the N.I.S.D. workforce. The conference takes place during the Spring Semester and is held at the Northside Activity Center.

Participants have opportunities to hear presentations by recognized speakers in the educational field, district leaders, and participate in hands-on learning in a festive learning environment. In order to allow the greatest number of people to attend, there are always identical morning and afternoon sessions. Each year the quality and reputation of this unique event grows and so does the participation rate. Attendance at the 2013 conference was 568 (270 in the morning and 298 in the afternoon). 

The next conference is scheduled for February 4, 2014!  We are getting F.I.R.E.D. U.P. with our keynote - Aric Bostick.

This conference receives strong district and community support.


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